Design, finishing work, procurement, manufacture of built-in furniture – we will take care of all these duties.
Design, finishing work, procurement, manufacture of built-in furniture – we will take care of all these duties.
We will create your dream home
Refurbishment is an exciting moment. Those who face it for the first time take the risk of making a mistake with the choice of contractors, delaying deadlines, overpaying and spending a lot of time and effort on solving all issues.

We understand our customers' desire to delegate these concerns. Therefore, we offer a complete solution for your home: interior design and turnkey construction works. We have assembled a professional team of competent specialists to ensure that you are confident: your home is in good hands.
We take lead on project management
We value every customer and take full responsibility for your investments
We will complete the project in 20 weeks. We will create the design project in 6 weeks, leave 2 weeks for approval and implement the project in 12 weeks.
Fixed price without changes. After agreeing on the estimate and signing the contract, the cost of the project will not change for you.
Certified construction department. Our team includes qualified builders and foremen. We have developed our own quality control system.
Personal manager. Our manager keeps in touch with you from the first days until the housewarming. He coordinates all processes and informs you about the progress.
How do we work
Get acquainted
We will learn your habits, tastes, desires and dreams. We need to know, from which foot you get up and where you hang up your coat.
We will develop interior design, create mood boards, layouts, color schemes, collages, and 3D visualizations.
Design and plan
Based on the agreed concept, we will make all the engineering communications drawings required for implementation.
Carry out construction and finishing work. We will keep you up to date and send reports every week.
Deal with everything
We will take care of all the problems: selection of materials, procurement, logistics, garbage disposal and final cleaning.
Online/Offline meeting with the designer

Space planning

Preliminary budgeting of the project
Design project
25€ per m²
  • Space planning
  • Mood boards with materials and ideas
  • 3d and 360° renderings
  • Drawings
  • 4 site visits for supervision
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Какое покрытие пола для гостиной/спальни вы предпочитаете?
What wall material in the living room / bedroom / hallway do you prefer?
What kind of ceiling do you prefer?
What kind of lighting do you prefer?
Do you need to replace the heating system?
Underfloor heating, radiators, boiler
Do you need to replace the ventilation system?
Kitchen hood, air conditioning, ventilation of rooms
To create your dream home, we have to learn a lot about you.
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