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What does come to your mind when you hear the word "office"? For most people, an office is a gray, faceless space filled with office equipment and joyless employees, phone calls, lines of window shutters, papercuts on your fingers, a monotonous cooler humming and stress, stress ..... a lot of stress!

Now we will tell how Tengo is trying to rethink this image. When choosing partners, we always strive to analyze the mission of the company, all the innovations that it introduces, consider the projects included in its portfolio. For what? To give you, as our client, to receive such an office in which you want to spend your time.
Working with pleasure
Bejot is one of the most successful options in the process of choosing a partner for Tengo. Bejot is a family business whose founders understand like no one else: your job is your family, indeed.

At work we spend the most time of our live. Work is what we breathe, where we eat, with whom we communicate, and even where we meet future life partners. It turns out that the place where we work is the place where we live. That is why the offices created by Bejot are so cozy and calm.
Inspiration from nature
Perhaps, among all the manufacturers we know, Bejot is the most "green". The Green Park Office concept is a product line based on a philosophy of love for nature, "biophilia". Manufacturers give you the feeling of a walk in the park without leaving your office; this is manifested in natural colors, emphasis on ergonomics and anatomical features of their furniture, vast amount of wood and natural fabrics. At that, the combination of natural components, ergonomics, floral motifs produces an ultra-modern office space.

Modern office designers sacrifice comfort because of style decisions. Bejot always puts health at the forefront – the health of an employee, visitor, customer is a top priority. The company makes sure that our body becomes a resource, not a burden; that is why we supply acoustic, modular, decorative elements from the Bejot brand. Bejot produces partitions, sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables, booths and even ... a swing! In an office equipped with Bejot, it is easy to breathe, easy to work, easy to live.

Get inspired by nature with Tengo and Bejot!
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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