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For us, the Tengo company, the choice of flooring has significant importance: all the day we make contact with the floor in the office. Acrylic resin, melamine, formaldehyde, phenol ... No, this is not a description of a chemistry lab – this is the composition of an ordinary laminate. That is why we do not use laminate flooring in projects, preferring carpet – both homogeneous and heterogeneous. Flooring, as we know, negatively affects the environment parameters of any office. For this reason we give preference only to carefully selected flooring producers. And one of them is Interface.
Affordable Innovations
In addition to standard eco-friendly solutions like modular carpet tiles, Interface offers a wide range of innovative elastic coatings. The coatings provide acoustic comfort, environmental friendliness and have a graphite strip removing static electricity. Vinyl floor tiles have also become a novelty for many of our clients. The Interface interpretation of the tile includes improved acoustic properties, made on the basis of Ceramor™ ceramic coating technology, which is resistant to UV radiation.

Separately, we note the rubber coating nora®, which have been produced in Germany for more than 70 years, is much more unpretentious than other types of coating; it absorbs noise, provides increased comfort and does not harm the environment. Nora® floor coverings made from high-quality natural and industrial rubbers then they are mixed with minerals from natural sources, environmentally compatible color pigments, and then goes vulcanization with heat and high pressure. These floors do not require plasticizers: stitching with nora cleanguard® makes the surface tight and sealed.
Right Way to Ecology
The company has come a long evolution: the innovative developments offered by Interface –the GlasBac ® substrate, the patented intersept® preservative and many other technologies have set a new industry standard in terms of performance properties, truly unique among others. However, they were not perfect enough aesthetically. However, in 1988, Interface introduced Quantum – the first needle-punched carpet tile with a loop pile, which changed the dynamics of company's business development and expanded the design possibilities. Technology, of course, has always been of great importance for Interface: thermally pigmented thread and chemical welding of seams have made it possible to use coatings in areas with increased weariness.

The company was the world's largest carpet tile manufacturer in 1988, but after that it company completely transformed its mission. The leitmotif that permeates all of Interface's activities is the concept of improving the environmental safety knows as Climate Takes Back. In 1984, the company's founder, Ray Anderson, stated that the goal of Interface – to become the world's first environmentally responsible company to help restore the environment.

Today, the Interface company offers more than 500 color and texture solutions for floor coverings, a 7-year warranty, environmental friendliness and exceptional durability. The floor covering from Interface is always an infallible choice, and you will be able to make it over many years of using this product.
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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