About Partnership with MDD

We are glad to inform you that we, Tengo team, have entered into the partnership with MDD – the famous Polish brand of office furniture!

The solutions developed by MDD we can justly call advanced ones: Scandinavian minimalism and a discreet colour palette of the furniture developed by MDD are combined with the status and prestige implemented in all company designs, while possessing a truly "indestructible" strength of fixtures and fittings.
The Power of Gravity
.... How often do we face the situation that chief's desk is absolutely different from the general outline of the office's stylistic design? A director, choosing a classic, massive table, undoubtedly emphasizes the status and crucial role in the team, but the rest of the office fades in comparison with chief's workplace.

Let's imagine an opposite situation: a boss, guided by the style of an office, chooses a table, visually similar to the tables of employees. We are sure that this solution is not suitable, because the place of a boss is an important stylistic and, what's more important, psychological accent of the entire office; it is a place of concentration of power, the "core" of your office universe.

What is the best option? How to find a balance between status and style?
We offer you Gravity table by MDD. Floating countertop of the table with a massive cuboid cabinet is named"Gravity" for the following reason: in the office, it will, undoubtedly, function like gravity, drawing the attention of your partners, customers and colleagues. The Gravity product line range also includes a height-adjustable conference table, coffee table, book stand, and modular storage system.
Office comfort: truth or fiction?
One more favorite product for us is the Frank armchair. This ergonomic and stable chair has a quite non-standard structured design and is widely used in chill-out zones, in customer reception areas and in any other zones. Due to an additional fixed pillow and precisely calculated parameters of the width and height of the seat, the Frank armchair has received its recognition and become an essential element in the offices of many well-known companies.
Care based on a calculation,
or the secret of Partition walls acoustic solutions
Many of you came across outdated office spaces, where a group of people worked in one large room, and the room was partitioned by bookcases, cabinets, and any other means creating an illusion of acoustic and visual isolation. Today, any descent furniture brand has special solutions ensuring acoustic comfort. Being dealers of MDD products, we are sure: Partition walls systems solve the problem to the fullest extent, without violating the visual concept of the office. The partition produced by MDD is not just a necessary measure – it transforms into a comprehensive decorative element of your office.
Easy design process as a nice bonus
MDD cares about designers and architects who implements the visualization of your office: the manufacturer's website has an option of downloading 3D product models, which facilitates visualization and gives you a complete image of your dream office.
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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