5 facts changed the concept of an office chair

The earliest known office chair appeared during the epoch of Julius Caesar. Perhaps it was Caesar who first realized the significance of this piece of furniture. It is known that the Emperor carried his special "curule" chair everywhere, in which he conducted his monarchial business. The gilded "office" chair of Caesar was transported along with his crown and other attributes of the Emperor.
Over the centuries, an office chair has become more functional. In the early 1800s, railroad cars were equipped with centripetal spring seats invented by Thomas E. Warren, allowing passengers to perform work duties while traveling. The centripetal seat was equipped with seat springs, providing a comfortable fit during the trip – this allowed people to work even on the road!
1976 is very important in the history of office chairs, because designers began to think about the health and well-being of employees. The ergonomic innovations introduced by factories ensured the correct position of legs, blood circulation, support for elbows, arms, and spine.
In the 1990s, we returned to Roman origins: an office chair became a status symbol again. During this period, there were real office "thrones"; decorated, massive, made of expensive leathers – these chairs would have been the envy of Caesar! Over time, the attractiveness of these chairs has almost disappeared, in favour of ergonomics, which, is obviously a good tendency.
Today office chairs have become more functional and safe. Any manager understands that a good, comfortable chair makes it possible to forget about the body and work with the mind. One cannot watch offices where employees have to invent uncomfortable poses, crouching like a burnt match and performing ineffective stretching.
Unfortunately, standard office chairs made in mass production still do not meet all the required characteristics. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find a perfect office chair in an ordinary furniture store. Although there are exceptions – chairs from our suppliers Narbutas, Bejot, MDD, and, of course, our own Tengo chairs.
Let us dwell in more detail on the characteristics of the chair, which will last for years and maintain your health.

A good work chair ensures correct position of your body and allows to sit comfortably without damage to health. It provides a posture that reduces static muscle tension;

· A good work chair win through pain and stiffness; often a "wrong chair" compresses your legs in the popliteal part, which causes stagnation of blood, and sometimes the legs do not even reach the floor at all and hang without support. The rounding of the front edge of a good seat gives an additional gap between the surface of the chair and the leg. The arteries and veins are not pressed out, the popliteal fold is more than 90°, and the feet stand flat on the floor or on the footrest.

· The depth of a good seat corresponds to the length of the thigh, and the sacrum rests against the back of the chair. It is important to adjust the tension of the backrest. The back should not "push" you out – It should repeat your movements. If the muscles get tired for a long time to hold the frame of the spine, it is better to fix the back of the chair in a static position. Often this function is suitable for athletes or people with spine diseases.

· In some models, there is such an element as additional support for the lower back. Therefore, it must be adjusted in height depending on your body type.

An ideal work chair should not only be attractive, but also adaptive to any task. In our team, each employee sits on his favorite chair and sincerely claims that his model is the best. We will help you find your chair! Our service range includes a free opportunity of a seat test drive. We bring one or several copies to your office for a couple of days or a week. Each sample can be tested – not for 5 minutes, as in a show room, but for all day. In addition, a five-year warranty applies to all seats.

Well, hopefully, we were able to convince you of the importance of the right office chair.
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