New home for Tengo

Since the beginning of the year, our company has doubled its staff. We were getting more and more premises near the existing office, but all of this was just a temporary solution to the problem and, to a certain extent, has led to chaos. Destiny pushed us to action: at one of the meetings with partners, we faced The Room – premises where you want to smile, sing and live. The decision was made instantly. So, Tengo will open the doors of its new home – soon!

Why we move?

An office is the face of a company. For us, as a company dealing with creation of turnkey offices – from design to construction and delivery of furniture – It is very important to show our own example of efficient and modern space.

The new Tengo office combines several advantages:

Big show room. Here you can see the most sophisticated and wide-acknowledged samples of decoration, furniture and design solutions, evaluate the quality of our work and look at the final image.
Inspiration for employees. Tengo is, first of all, a team of creative people who need a special space. We need to make sure that employees come to work with pleasure. The new office is a convenience for individual work, a unique style of meeting rooms for inviting our customers, as well as a place for team "brainstorming" of employees and work with materials.
The office of Tengo team is a place for events, trainings and any other meetings with clients and business partners.

As an old saying goes, "moving is like a fire"

…but it is not always true! If you prepare a clear and competent moving plan, you can implement it without interruption to the production process.

Any moving, even to the most luxurious office, is accompanied by grunting of employees. There is always one who is not satisfied with location of the office and the distance between it and homeplace, or one to whom sunlight falls from the wrong side. Psychologists distinguish 3 stages of adaptation after moving: the first three months – total denial. Most often, during this period, the most problematic people leave a company or are fired: they experience too bright emotions and are not ready to put up with the changes. The next 3 months – realization of real needs. Employees begin to understand clearly what they really lack for productive work. It is important here that the management notice and refine the disadvantages of arranging the office. As a result, after 9 months after moving, a person completely gets used to it.

At first glance, moving is not an easy task, especially if you had to face this for the first time. However we are always ready to substitute our shoulder and survive this small "war".
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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