Tengo stays with you!

The phrases "video conference", "remote office", "Skype meeting" unexpectedly came into our life... Like many other companies, the Tengo team switches to an online mode. But, as before, we are always in touch with you and are ready to help and resolve any issues! We hope that with you we will go through this difficult period productively; at Tengo, we perfectly understand how important it is for you not to interrupt the process of renovating office spaces.

Testing online work tools is not an easy task, but we can cope with it) The successful completion of a number of projects for the current month makes us sure that self-isolation of employees did not stop our business processes, because the "remote" for us is not an extraordinary vacation, but new perspectives and skills. We know many examples of productivity during a quarantine: gravity-discoverer Isaac Newton was under quarantine from the plague in 1665, and during this quiet time away from Cambridge, Newton delved into calculus and many other advanced theories including… the theory of gravity!

We would like to wish you, our customers and partners, good health, mood and excellent business performance. We also want to thank our employees for solidarity and excellent work without the supervision!). The quarantine for the Tengo team doesn't mean pajamas and TV shows – we are up in arms!
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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