Narbutas: New Approach to Wooden Furniture

We are pleased to inform you that we have entered into a partnership agreement with the Lithuanian office furniture brand Narbutas. For us, Narbutas is, first of all, wood incorporated into an office interior. Wood is a universal and, at the same time, unique material, deeply rooted in the history, culture and life of people around the world. The color, texture, strength and acoustic properties of wood are used by architects, designers, constructors and artisans for thousands of years. Any person tends to search for simplicity, peace and minimalism, to relieve nervous tension caused by constant visual overloads of the outside world. The warmth and comfort of the material, made by mother nature itself, is a real wonder, bringing to our lives balance and tranquility.

We think that many of you agree that no other material compares to wood in versatility and natural beauty. Modern designers and architects still choose wood and apply various types of processing to create new interpretations of wooden interior. The collections of Nova wood and Motion tables made by Narbutas combine the beauty of natural wood and its eco-features as a finishing material. One of the company's most popular models, the Motion table, is a versatile, ergonomic, durable table with height adjustment option. The wood included in Narbutas products creates minimalistic style, providing the sense of lightness of materials and spaces. In addition, this year Narbutas sets new colour trends for office design: Textured Wood Gray, Pearl Gray, Cubanit Gray, Tan shade, Walnut and Sandy. In combination with wood, the subtleness of this palette creates an elegant sophisticated look. It is important to say that the guarantee for Narbutas cabinet furniture covers 5 years of usage, for upholstered furniture it lasts 3 years, and for table lifting mechanisms – 3 years.
The Narbutas product line includes SILENT ROOM acoustic solutions. SILENT ROOM booths are, according to the manufacturer, "an oasis in the center of a modern office". The booth provides a complete concentration for employees in the process of making a video call, participating in a conference or performing a creative task requiring isolated space. An additional advantage of a SILENT ROOM booth is the maintenance of air quality inside.
The TANGO and NOVA Wood collections created by Narbutas have been widely recognized by experts, having received one of the most prestigious awards in the field of interior design – the Red Dot Product Design 2019. We are sure that your employees will also appreciate all the benefits of the natural beauty of wood and the durability of Narbutas products!
Kiev, Ukraine
B. Khmelnitskogo st., 17/52
+380 99 0796424
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